Sunday, January 11, 2015


I met with the principal of Kerby, Mrs. Delgado, after break. Unfortunately, Kerby only does one big fundraiser per year, and they already did this year's in October. This means that I wouldn't be able to do a large Readathon like I originally planned. However, I would be able to do a Read In, which is where students come to school at night in their pajamas, and volunteers read to them in the gym. This event is usually done where students donate a book as their ticket in.
I'm not really sure how I could do a Read In to raise money for women's education. I feel like asking students to pay to get in to the event wouldn't be very classy in a sense, as Read Ins can be done during the day at no cost.
I reached out to more elementary schools to see if I would be able to host a Readathon there, but I'm waiting for replies. I still want to do something at Kerby, but I also really want to raise money for women's education and I'm not sure if I would be able to do that there.

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