Sunday, February 22, 2015

Almost There

My meeting with the principal of Trombly went really well! He was excited about the Readathon and gave me some good suggestions about moving forward.

One of his ideas was to email authors. Some will read their books to school over Skype. I'm going to email the Trombly librarians to see what books elementary students are interested, then email the authors that match up on both lists.

I also want to find a corporate sponsor. I'm going to CALL companies, because emailing has been fruitless so far. It's been really difficult finding corporations to "match" money raised, especially since I (for obvious reasons) don't work at any huge companies, and my parents and extended family members don't either.

This upcoming week, I'm going to the staff and PTO meetings at Trombly so I can present my idea. Over break, I made a powerpoint that outlines what the project is, when the Readathon will happen, how the teachers/PTO will tie into it, and when the Readathon will happen. Right now, I'm looking at March 9th through March 20th, which is about two weeks away.

I'm a little nervous, but at the same time I'm really excited to move forward on the Readathon!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

More progress

I am now hosting the readathon at Trombly. I'm really excited because not only is my project back on track, but I went to Trombly for elementary school. It's going to be really weird coming back!

Trombly does a big school-wide event for "March is Reading Month" where the whole school reads a book. This should make it pretty easy to raise money with a readathon. Next week, I'm meeting with the principal to talk about the project. It's getting pretty close to March, which means that I really have to get working if I'm going to raise a lot of money with this.