Sunday, March 22, 2015

It actually happened!

The Readathon has been going on for about a week now, and I'm so happy everything worked out! I was so concerned that I got started on my project too late, but it looks like everything is going fine.

The teachers passed out the forms etc to the students two Thursdays ago (March 12th) and the Readathon officially began on the 16th. There's only about a week left, as it ends on the 27th, and I hope that that's enough time to raise $1,000!

The only thing I'm worried about is the matching/sponsorship. I really hope that enough students found enough sponsors, who in turn matched enough money to reach the goal of $1,000! Other than that, it looks like the Readathon is going smoothly.

All the same, I'm excited for when the Readathon ends next week and I can donate the money. I'm still so happy/relieved/excited that it actually happened!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Next Week!

I finished the parent letter, the pledge form, and the reading log for the Readathon. It took me longer than I first expected, mostly because I was so anxious about getting it right. The parent letter is going to be emailed to every single parent in the school, and I'm a little worried about sounding stupid or naive in front of half of my neighborhood.

Tomorrow, the teachers will pass out the forms. I made a "script" for the teachers so they can explain the Readathon and its purpose to the students, but I'm nervous that the little kids won't find any sponsors (and therefore the project won't raise any money). I contacted Hungry Howie's, and they promised to give pizza to the class that raises the most money. I hope that a Pizza Party is a good enough incentive for the kids to work on the project!

Now that the pre-Readathon planning is done, I'm going to email some authors. Hopefully some will be able to read the school their books via Skype as part of the Readathon.