Sunday, April 19, 2015

Almost finished

The Readathon finished about two weeks ago!

I'm so glad I actually finished my 20 time project. However, I still have no idea how much money it made because the principal hasn't gotten back to me. I sent him a few emails about counting money, or if it's already counted, how much it has made, but I still haven't received a reply. It's a little frustrating because I really want to know, and I'm not sure how often I should email him before it's just badgering. I'm sure it will work out eventually, but right now it's a little aggravating.

Right now I have to work on the big speech at the end. In all honesty, I'm not really sure what to talk about. We're supposed to talk about what we learned doing this project. I know that I learned A LOT from this project, but I'm not sure how to put it into words and make it sound like a genuine Ted Talk.

Over the next week, I'll probably brainstorm some ideas for the talk, as well as figuring out how to phrase what I learned. Hopefully, I'll have gotten a response and will know how much the Readathon raised.