Monday, May 11, 2015


My project turned out okay, but I'm still a little conflicted about whether or not I failed 20 time.

I was really motivated when I first started it. I was so excited to work on the project, to make it a success, to raise money, and to help people across the world from me. But as the year went on, 20 time got pushed to the back burner. My "real" classes became a lot more labor-intensive, and it was difficult to give a project that would never even be really graded my full attention. It sounds awful, and is more than a little ironic to say this, but I got distracted raising money for women's education to focus on my own grades.

I had this assumption throughout the year that when I finally had to sit down and write the speech, I would know exactly what I learned over the course of the project. I thought that there would be an epiphany of sorts, and I'd have a killer speech right there.

Well. That obviously did not happen. While I know I've learned things over the course of the school year, I feel as if I haven't learned anything because of 20 time. I feel pretty bad about it, but it's true. I've worried over this problem for three weeks, but I still can't think of anything that people should know that I've figured out. This is pretty alarming to me: I've almost never encountered a problem I couldn't solve. But how are you supposed to figure out what you learned?

Which leads me to my talk. I plan on talking about how we learn, how learning affects our lives, and how it affected my (inability) to learn on my project. Basically, I'm talking about how I didn't learn anything through 20 time, and therefore failed it.

I think next year it would actually be better if we had to do blog posts every week. In all honesty, they were kind of annoying to do. However, I think that I would have done more towards my project and focused more if I had to do one every week rather than cramming everything in last minute so I could write something down. It also would have been nice in a way if we were required to keep up with everyone else's posts (commenting etc). It kind of bothered me that I had no idea what my classmates were doing for their project, partially because I didn't have the time to look at their posts. If it were required I think everyone would have a better idea of what others were doing, and it would have been nice to know people were keeping track of what you were doing also.

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